Learning outcome actions

  1. Develop a graphic, diagram. or chart for inclusion in the learning pathway you are developing for this course using Inkscape or alternative software which supports SVG graphics. Your graphic must:
    • Incorporate at least two openly licensed SVG files you downloaded and imported into your graphic for remix. (You are free to change colours and remove elements from the source graphic(s) for the purposes of your reuse context — Remember to keep information on the metadata and source urls of the images you reused for attribution purposes.)
  2. Login to WikiEducator and upload a copy of the graphic you produced. Remember to include the attribution information and links of the source files you reused and corresponding licenses – see for example. In WikiEducator, the attributions for images reused in your derivative work are added on the description page of the upload wizard. Be sure to apply a compatible license for your derivative work when you upload the image.
  3. Prepare a blog post of approximately 250 words where you:
    • Provide the url link to the image uploaded on WikiEducator.
    • Share a brief reflection of your experiences in designing and publishing the graphic.
  4. Remember to register the url of your blog post so course participants can find your post to provide feedback and comments.
    • Select “Diagram remix” from the list of options on the form.
  5. Visit the register of learning challenges submitted and post a comment providing feedback on two blog posts.
    • Try to find a blog post which does not have any feedback comments.