Challenge summary

Summary: Use an open source technology to remix and publish a chart or diagram for your course.
1 – 4 hours (Depending on your prior knowledge of using graphics software)
Linked to final assignment

The graphic you remix will be reused in the materials you are developing for this course.

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Stimulus resources

Examples of svg images from the Wikimedia Commons (Click on the image for metadata and download link)



The purpose of this challenge is to generate a graphic, diagram, or chart for inclusion in your learning pathway by remixing existing image assets using the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

The value of this exercise is to:

  • Produce editable images using an open file format (improves reuse potential, for example translation of diagram labels).
  • Remix and reuse existing OER image assets.
  • Use the SVG file format which facilitates resizing of images without loss of image quality.
  • Produce image(s) for inclusion in your final assignment for this course.