Challenge summary

Summary: Find, attribute, share, and embed open images.
1 – 2 hours
Linked to final assignment

The images you source will be reused in the course site you are developing for this course.

Start here



Your image here posterframe.jpg

The overall purpose of this challenge is to start compiling an inventory of OER images you can use to illustrate the course materials you are developing. While compiling this inventory you will:

  • Familiarise yourself with popular repositories where you can source Creative Commons licensed images.
  • Refine your online search skills to find images in your area of interest.
  • Learn how to attribute Creative Commons images using different technologies and tools.
  • Learn how to upload and embed images on WikiEducator pages using Mediawiki technology.
  • Discover tips which will save time for future OER developments.

The value of this exercise is to:

  • Build your inventory of image assets in preparation for the final assignment for this course.
  • Discover a few “tricks of the trade” to improve productivity in OER development.