The OERu hosts its own social learning network using mastodon.oeru.org for course specific activities and a backchannel for our learning community. A backchannel is a networked conversation that runs alongside the primary course conversations. You will need to know how to use the course hashtag in your toots for course related posts: #LiDA101


What is a Mastodon social network?

Mastodon is a federated social network with microblogging features similar to Twitter. As a federated technology, it is administered independently across many open source software servers around the world called instances rather than a single corporate provider. The OERu instance of Mastodon is hosted at mastodon.oeru.org.

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Toot using the course hashtag

Purpose: Confirm digital skills to post a toot using the course hashtag.



  1. Create an account on mastodon.oeru.org (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Complete or update your profile information (Don’t forget to do this otherwise your name and image will be undefined in the course feed.).
    • Fill out a display name (most learners use their real name)
    • Upload an avatar or profile image
    • Click “Save changes”.
  3. Post a toot and include the hashtag “#LiDA101” in the body of your post, sharing a comment about your learning on this course. For example:
    • I joined the #LiDA101 course because … (Note there are no spaces between the “#” and letters of the code.)
    • The most interesting thing I have learned on #LiDA101 so far is …
    • My question for fellow #LiDA101 participants is: …
  4. Go to the search bar and type in “#LiDA101″and press enter to display all toots with the hashtag contained in the post. (Results are displayed in the fourth column on a wide screen display with the column heading: #LiDA101.)
  5. Post a reply to at least one #LiDA101 toot and “favourite” mentions you like.