In MOOCs, learners are encouraged to participate in discussions and upload assignments as part of their learning. These contributions can vary from a few words to complete designs, essays, case studies, literature reviews etc. The  creation and discussion of material is part of the learning experience and forms an important part of the MOOC.
In this MOOC we have already seen great examples of valuable contributions by learners in the past weeks,which we hope will continue until the end of the MOOC – and beyond.  

Some examples of implementing student generated content

  • Wikis
  • Text with comments in google doc
  • MOOC participants that generate, and review the syllabus
  • Students create a video about a concept, and have students vote about the clarity and quality
  • Student created animations – students need to visualize a concept, select the best one and provide arguments for their choice
  • Use of case studies from practice to generate examples of the application of theory
  • The draft of the text of a book was proof-red by the MOOC students and thus improved and added to the course content