Learning output actions

  1. Prepare a blog post where you publish an annotated bibliography for two sources which must include a journal article and a book chapter from an edited collection of chapters from multiple authors.
  2. You can select resources already saved in your library or search for new ones in support of your research topic.
  3. Use the note or comment feature of your citation management software to record a copy of your annotation.
  4. Publish a blog post with an annotated bibliography for two sources in support of your research topic (see below for an example)
    • You must use your citation management software to generate the reference using the APA format.
  5. Remember to add a category or tag for your post using the course code: LiDA101 (this is needed for harvesting the post of registered course blogs for the course feed.)

Example of annoted bibliography to meet requirements of this course[1]
Kirkey, S. (2001, December 27). Jury’s still out on Ritalin. The Gazette.

Description: This newspaper article focuses on a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal about the short and long-term effects of using Ritalin. Evaluation: The information comes from a reputable source (use the CARS framework to justify your evaluation). This article was useful for my research as it helped support my idea that Ritalin may not be the answer for treating children with ADD.


  1. Example adapted for APA citation style from How to prepare a bibliography, Concordia University