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Now that you have selected four online resources for your research question, you need to evaluate the quality of these resources for the purposes of academic study.

Normally, you would carry out the evaluation of resources during the search and select process, but for the purposes of this introduction to finding and selecting online resources we have presented these activities separately.


Evaluate an online source

  1. Choose one of the online sources you found during this learning pathway
  2. Prepare a blog post of about 200 words documenting your evaluation of this resource
  3. Provide a reference and link to the resource you are evaluating.
  4. Use the CARS Checklist for Online Source Evaluation (Harris 2010[1])
  5. Comment on the extent that your resource meets each of the four criteria.


  • Remember to tag or label your post using the course code: LiDA101. (If you omit this step, we will not be able to harvest your post for the course feed.)


  1. Harris, Robert 2010, ‘Evaluating Internet Research Sources’. VirtualSalt. Accessed 17 October 2001.