OERu courses are offered in two formats:

  1. Cohort-based online course: Cohort-based courses have fixed start and finish dates, during which time you study with a group of learners from around the world. OERu micro-courses are typically offered over two or three weeks. Learners can choose to receive email instructions for the learning sessions by registering on the course site. Please use the future filter on the course page of the OERu.org site to find which courses will be offered as cohort-based options in the near future.
  2. Independent self-study course: The self-study option enables learners to start at anytime and progress at their own pace. Learners do not receive course announcements via email, but copies of all the course announcements are published in advance on the course site.

At the OERu, the first instance of a new course is normally offered as a cohort-based course; thereafter, the course materials remain open for the independent study option. Learners who commence study with a cohort-based course are able to continue to access the course materials after the finish date. So if you need more time to prepare for assessments, you still retain access to the OERu learning materials.