There is a good chance that your question has already been answered by someone else.

As a volunteer support community, if you know the answer to a question, help your peers by posting a useful response and “liking” good answers.

Overview: Four steps to getting help

  • Step 1: Consult the OERu support website (this site) for general help resources.
  • Step 2: Consult the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website (see below for more information.)
  • Step 3: Search the general support forum to see if your question has been answered.
  • Step 4: Post your question in the relevant subsection of the general support forum on the web site.

Step 1: Consult the OERu support website

The OERu support website provides:

Step 2: Consult the FAQs

Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) category on the website to see of your question has already been answered. Questions are divided into the following sub-categories:

You can navigate directly to the FAQ category by clicking on the “all categories” pull down menu from the homepage on the site and selecting the FAQs category.

FAQs originate from discussions in the general support forums thus OERu learners play an important role in developing this support resource. OERu colleagues monitor the support forums for the best answers to new questions and add these to the list of FAQs. This is a good place to start for finding answers to commonly asked questions. Remember, to use the search link to find if your question has already been answered.

Step 3: Search the respective support forum

The support forum is divided into four sub-categories:

  1. Learning: Questions and discussion relating to learning at the OERu
  2. Technology: Questions and discussion about OERu technologies
  3. Assessment Questions and discussion about assessment and credit transfer at the OERu
  4. General: Questions and discussion that doesn’t fit into the the sub-categories above.

Use the search feature to find discussions relating to your support question. If you don’t find any answers to your support question, post your support request (see below).

Step 4: Post your support request

If you don’t find an answer to your question after visiting the FAQs and searching the support topics feel free to post a new topic in the support forum.

  1. Select the appropriate category: Learning, Technology, Assessment or General.
  2. Click on “Why not create a topic” or reply to an existing post.