An action to share a toot with your followers (called a “Retweet” in Twitter).
A user generated keyword prefixed with the hash or pound sign (“#”) without any spaces, for example “#LiDA101”. Hashtags help with searching for toots that contain the keyword tag. It OERu we recommend that you tag toots using the course code.
Instance is the location of the Mastodon community you join. Mastodon is a federated technology with the ability to connect with multiple instances. You will find the OERu instance at
An action to “like” another user’s toot by clicking the star icon underneath. It signifies that you are “listening’, agreeing or offering support to the ideas expressed in the original post.
An action to follow toots from a user on Mastodon
The home column lists toots from people you are following
The notifications column lists boosts, favourites, mentions and who has followed you.
An action to reply to a user’s post which includes the @username of the original poster and displays the reply as a “thread” in the context of the original post.
Refers to a message posted on Mastodon (in Twitter, messages are called a “tweets”).