A key feature of the OERu learning environment is that learners retain control over all the content they create rather than enclosing contributions within a learning management system. You will retain access to the content you produce even after the course is finished.

The OERu learning environment uses a variety of​ distributed interaction technologies including:

  • Course forums: forums.oeru.org (powered by Discourse),
  • Social network: mastodon.oeru.org (similar to Twitter based on Mastodon), ​
  • Social bookmarks: bookmarks.oeru.org used as a resource bank for​ ​ sharing resource​ links you find useful (based on SemanticScuttle)​;​
  • Annotation and discussion: Hypothes.is,
  • WEnotes (W iki E ducator notes) a technology developed by the OER Foundation to post comments on the course site and integrate these with the live course feed.
  • Personal​ blogs​​ so​ learners​​ can​ manage​​ their​ own e-portfolios.​ ​ ​